Art of Music Production
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Explore professional music production as you learn how to use the most important tools of the industry, like Ableton Live. Create and modify sounds while learning layering, mixing, and sampling. You’ll program your own beats while making your digital music.


Intro to Music Production: The course guides students in structuring a song, recreating sounds they hear, and building their own unique tracks. Topics covered include recording and audio sampling, advanced synth building, drum programming, improvisation, and an introduction to basic mixing and mastering.

Music Production & Songwriting: This course ensures students understand the process of music production, essential music theory, and how to compose music. Students will learn advanced music production and audio engineering techniques. By the end of the week, students will have composed and produced their own songs and will have applied advanced concepts of music production.


What Students will Learn

What Students will Create

· The creative process of songwriting Music

· Theory and composition

· How to record a song from start to finish

· How to Use EQ, effects, and automation

· Advanced mixing and mastering techniques

· The fundamentals of music production

· Rhythm and drum machine patterns

· Sampling and synthesizers

· MIDI and audio effects

· Mixing and mastering basics

· The technical theory of audio engineering

· Original compositions, mashups or remixes

· A polished final mix of their finished tracks

· A group collaborative project

· An original composition or remix

· A polished final mix of their finished song

· A rough mix of another student’s song

Art of Film and Video Production

Take a deep dive into the filmmaking process from pre to post production learning using premium Canon cameras and Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Intro to Filmmaking and Video Production: The course begins with basic principles of short narrative filmmaking: screenplay structure, camera functionality and operation, and role descriptions. Students learn how to work as a crew, how to storyboard, how to direct, and how to edit. Finally, students upload each of their projects to their own YouTube Channel. Students will use the same software as the professionals: Adobe Premiere Pro.

Filmmaking and Visual Effects: Students learn about title design and basic VFX with Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, before launching into their short film project. Film projects can be in a range of genres including narrative, music video, documentary etc. Students will use the same software used by the professionals: Adobe After Effects.


What Students will Learn

· Basic filmmaking language and story structure

· Cinematography with DSLR cameras

· How to effectively use sound and music in a film

· Advanced post production editing techniques with Adobe Premiere

· Advanced cinematography and the importance of mise-en-scene

What Students will Create

· Storyboarding and scene blocking

· Basic Adobe Photoshop and After Effects workflow for VFX

· Green screen editing techniques with After Effects

· The philosophy and technology behind sound design

· Two to three short film projects

· An original script

· Short dialogue scene

· Short protagonist versus antagonist scene

· Their own Youtube channel

· A final project of a narrative film

Art of Entrepreneurship

Teaches youth how to rediscover their imagination, to create a solution to a modern-day problem using innovative ideas. This course addresses the parallels between creativity and grassroots entrepreneurship and makes upward economic mobility more accessible for teens.

Philosophy: Artistic, musical, and entrepreneurship training continually proves to be extremely effective in improving student performance in the classroom and in the community

Goals/Purpose: At BARS Academy all of the learning is real and experiential, and focused on teaching students how to use life, artistic, and entrepreneurial skills for positive youth development and to start and run their own businesses or social movements. While participating in the program students become self-confident, creative, collaborative thinkers, and leaders who can powerfully articulate ideas.

Program Includes:

· Artistic and Life skills training and development

· Entrepreneurial training and development

· Group Mentoring

· Group activities

· Field trips

· Entrepreneur shadowing

· Awards and recognition

Art of Leadership

Art of Leadership is an 18 week program that focuses on teaching students positive youth development through the use of life, musical, artistic, and entrepreneurial skills. This course is taught from BARS Academy “Art of Leadership” curriculum and covers topics such as the Art of Accountability, the Art of Collaboration, the Art of Positive Thinking, the Art of Entrepreneurship, and more.